Sunday School

Sunday School


The school will begin at 11:00am and will end by 2:00pm. From 11:00am to 11:15am, there will be an assembly of students in the main whole during which one of the students will begin by reciting a Surah from the Quran, then another student would recite one Hadith and then another Student will end with some morning Azkar and Duaa. Then all classes would start the first period from 11:15am until 12:00pm. Then after that another period would start from 12:00pm until 12:45pm. After that, there will be a break and a snack time from 12:45pm until 1:15pm. Then the last period would start at 1:15pm and end by 1:50 pm. Then all the students should be taken to the mosque to perform Wudu and get ready for Zuhur prayer at 2:00pm. Then they should be picked up by their parents after Zuhur prayer.


All the students are supposed to study three main subjects, namely, Quran memorization, Arabic language and Islamic Studies. The goal of Quran memorization should be to memorize at least one Juzz’ (the 30th Juzz’ “Amma”) of the Quran with correct pronunciation and Tajweed rules. The goal of Arabic language is to get the kids to know how to read Arabic correctly so that they can read the Quran fluently. This might be a step further towards more advanced learning of Arabic language which would include speaking and conversation. This subject will be taught by Brother Sabeeh. The goal of Islamic Studies is to focus on the studying of six main subjects namely, Hathith (Sayings of the Prophet), Akhlaaq (Manners), Fiqh (rules of worship in Islam), Aqeeda (Islamic belief system),Tareekh (Stories of the Prophets), and Duaa (Supplications). The goal is to instill the teachings of Islam in the minds of the kids and shape their personality accordingly. This subject will be taught by our volunteer sisters under the supervision of our Imam.


The curriculum will be designed by our Imam to fit all the students. Very intensive systemized books will be chosen and the kids will be given copies of whatever they study and will be asked to do homework. Monitoring progress will be through periodic quizzes and tests and evaluation sheets.


Sunday school will end by the same time school year ends. There will be a final test and a graduation day during which kids will demonstrate their learning progress and experience during the whole study year. There will be certificates given to each student and parents will be invited to participate and see the achievements with their own eyes.