Five Daily Prayers

Maghrib, Isha and Fajr prayers are led by our Imam. Zuhur and Asr prayers are led by our assistant Imam/Sabeeh.

Sunday School

Sunday school starts at 11:00am and ends by 2:00pm. The kids study three main subjects, namely, Quran memorization, Arabic language and Islamic studies. Sunday school is directed and the material is prepared by our Imam. For more information about Sunday school structure, see attachment. Learn more about our Sunday School program here.

Friday Youth Class

Every Friday after Maghrib prayer, youth from 10 years old and up come to learn about the basics of their religion. The subject matter includes Fiqh, Hadith, Manners, Aqeeda, Seerah and Duaa.

Saturday Adult Arabic Class

This is a class designed for non-speakers of Arabic language. The first phase of this class is to learn about the correct pronunciation and reading of Arabic. Second phase will focus on learning conversation and understanding. The end goal is to read the Quran fluently and understand its content. This class is conducted by assistant Imam/ Sabeeh.

Sunday Fiqh Class

Every Sunday after Maghrib prayer, there will be a class on fiqh particularly Islamic rulings relating to contemporary daily issues and Masaa’il. Questions about any Islamic rulings will be answered. The class is conducted by our Imam.

Everyday Hadith Explanation After Fajr Prayer

There will be a ten minute explanation of one hadith every day after fajr prayer from the book of Riyad-us-Saliheen. The class is conducted by our Imam.

Tafseer Class

Starting from April first Inshaa Allah, there will be a tafseer session after Maghrib prayer in which one of the congregants will give a commentary on some assigned part of the Quran followed by explanation and comments by our Imam.

Quran Memorization Class

This class is designed for the memorization and correct reading of the Quran every Saturday from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Kids from age 5 and up are welcome to come inshaa Allah.


Members of the community are welcome to contact our Imam for counselling or answering their questions regarding any related Islamic topic. Appointments are to be scheduled by contacting our Imam here at least two days ahead.

Marriage Services

Couples intending to get married should obtain their marriage certificate first from the city and prepare two male witnesses for the marriage and contact our Imam ahead of time for conducting the marriage.

Interfaith Dialogue

Check our Special Events calendar for Interfaith Dialogue events!